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We've embraced and leveraged technology innovations and data to bypass traditional lending mechanisms to enable lenders (investors) to lend directly to quality businesses in Singapore. We've also forged strategic alliances that scale innovation and created a collaborative advantage that allows us to transform p2p lending into a primary investment opportunity.

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Minimum commitment is SGD 50,000, and you can start investing with SGD 1,000 on Auto Invest. Choose how you spread risk at your own discretion.

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You could save time and effort with Auto Invest - simply select your investment preferences and let the platform implement your investment strategy automatically.

Access returns of 8 - 15% net IRR

Investors on our platform have generated a net IRR of 8 - 15%* across a diversified product range.
*Figures as of 31 July 2018

Singapore’s leading peer-to-business financing platform

$ 1.91 billion

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Exclusive to accredited investors and institutions
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    You can register anytime online, simply create an account and upload the required documents. Validus will then perform the standard checks and notify you when your account is ready so you can start investing.

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    Transfer funds into your account and you can start investing by selecting in a group of quality SMEs, all of whom are owners and entrepreneurs of SMEs from the Singapore corporate community.

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    You can then select the types of facilities you'd like to invest in. Validus uses proprietary risk algorithms and deep learning iterative models to present you diversified investment choices.

1. Who can invest with Validus?

You may register to be an investor with Validus if you are an accredited investor as an individual or entity. You do not need to be a Singapore resident but we would need your documents for a KYC check done by Vistra – our escrow partners. Please contact our Investor Relations team (ir@validus.sg) for more information.

2. Do I qualify as an accredited investor?

You are an accredited investor if your personal income in the last 12 months exceeds SGD300,000 (or equivalent in foreign currency), or if your net personal assets exceeds SGD2 million (or equivalent in foreign currency).

3. What's the investing/ lending process?

Register as an investor on Validus. Upon confirmation of your registration by Validus, commit and send funds that you wish to invest to the designated escrow account. See it pop up as ‘Available Funds’ on your investor dashboard on Validus. Use those ‘Available Funds’ to participate in live facilities after going through your own risk assessment.

4. Is there any minimum amount I can invest?

The minimum investment per facility is SGD 1,000 via Auto Invest, or SGD 5,000 otherwise.

Loan tenures are for a period between

  • •  30 to 120 days for Invoice Financing and Purchase Order Financing, or
  • •  3 to 12 months for Working Capital Financing

Your total committed funds need to be at least SGD 50,000.

5. What fees do investors pay to Validus?

A flat 20% fee is charged on all returns (e.g. incomes, interest, charges and penalties received) made by an investor through the platform. This is payable each month to Validus and will be deducted before the amount due to you in accordance with the transaction document is reflected on your dashboard.

6. What interest rate will I receive?

Investors on our platform can expect returns ranging from 8% to 15% p.a. (net IRR), depending on the facilities invested in. These rates could be even higher based on the risk-adjusted pricing of the facility. We suggest that you factor in some amount of delay or default risks to arrive at a risk-adjusted return for your portfolio.

7. Is my money safe with Validus?

Yes. Validus does not use your money for its operations. A separate independent escrow account managed by escrow provider Vistra, holds investors’ monies. All SME repayments are paid into that account, and disbursals are done from there as well.

For other questions, please visit our FAQs page here.


Whether you are an accredited or institutional investor, our Investor Relations team can help. Learn more about peer-to-peer lending today.

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Hear from some of our investors

Validus online marketplace allows me to balance my risk and rewards returns very effectively

Patricia Howe

Retired Investment Banker

In Validus peer-to-business lending platform, investors have access to another avenue to generate high-yield passive income.

Tiong Aun

Accredited Investor

Investing on the Validus marketplace has helped me to diversify my portfolio risk. It has allowed me to invest in a new asset class of SME credit, and enjoy above market returns, with an insurance cover

Michael Drake

CEO, Asia, Cognita Schools Group