Small Business Loans & Financing for SMEs in Singapore

Learn how SME owners in Singapore can easily boost their business cash flow. Get simple and fast business financing with no collateral required.
Access up to $500,000, with no collateral needed
Fast approval in 48 hours
Personalised, low rates from 1% a month
Simple and flexible process, minimal documentation to apply

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Loan Amount

Business loans designed for growing businesses

Helping your business maintain a stable cash flow for sudden demand changes, additional expenses or for expansion, as and when required.
Purchase Order Financing
Up to 60%
of Purchase Order amount
Funds to help kickstart your projects or fufill orders
30 - 90 days' repayment term, based on Purchase Order terms
Rates from 1.5% per month
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Invoice Financing
Up to80%
of invoice amount
Optimise your accounts receivable to free up cash flow
30 - 120 days' repayment terms, based on invoice terms
Rates as low as 1.0% per month
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Working Capital Loan
Up to$250,000
unsecured loan
Finance your expansion or grow your workforce
3 to 12-month tenure
Rates from 1.75% per month
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    Apply online anytime, anywhere

    Take a few minutes and complete our easy online application. Upload the required documents and get a quick approval decision.

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    Submit financing request

    Simply send us a request for Working Capital financing, or the Purchase Order or Invoice that’s due in the future, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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    Receive funds fast

    Once the documents are verified, the funds will be disbursed to your nominated account within 24-48 hours.

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