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Looking for an affordable, cash flow-friendly solution to boost working capital? If your business offers payment terms of more than 30 days to customers, you can bridge the gap between revenues and cash flow by leveraging invoice financing, and free up as much as $1,000,000 (max. 90% of invoice value) in account receivables.

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Invoice Financing for Singapore SMEs

Best suited to B2B or wholesale businesses in Singapore

Small and medium businesses who are registered in Singapore, have more than two years' operational history, in a sector such as:

- Construction
- Marine and Offshore
- Logistics and Transportation
- Wholesale Trade and Manufacturing
- Cleaning, Delivery services
- Or, SMEs with Govt. or MNC Buyers


Address business cash flow challenges


Fulfil orders and meet increased demand


Supplement govt. reliefs and bank loans


Fund business growth or expansion

Invoice Financing Fee Calculator

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How much you could get now Invoice FinancingBased on 90% of the invoice value
Plus, when invoices paid Invoice FinancingThe amount you will receive back when the invoice is paid by the Buyer
What you will pay Invoice FinancingThis is the total cost, comprising of the interest and fees payable

Frequently Asked Questions about invoice financing

What is invoice financing?

Invoice financing allows businesses to get paid early and receive up to 90% of your invoice amount, to bridge or increase cash flow that might otherwise be trapped in unpaid invoices due to payment terms or delayed payments. It is an affordable, cashflow-friendly solution for SMEs who require a capital injection for a short period of time.

What is the eligibility criteria?

To qualify, your business must be registered on ACRA and should have an operating history of at least 2 years. To benefit from Invoice Financing, your business should ideally be offering 30 – 150 days’ payment terms.


This exclusive offer is only applicable to new borrowers onboarded by 31 Dec 2021.

What is the interest rate and fees involved?

We have kept our fee structure simple and transparent: Interest rates start from an affordable 0.5% a month, and a one-time disbursement fee for each loan application (waived during the offer period) will be applied. You may use our free calculator to help you estimate your total cost.

How does invoice financing work?

After invoicing their buyers, SMEs can submit their verified invoices to Validus. Once approved, Validus then disburses up to 90% of the invoice amount to the SME. After the buyer makes payment to Validus on the invoice due date, we will send the SME the balance amount, minus interest payable.

What documents are needed?

To finance invoices issued to ST Engineering, SMRT, KSL, Guthrie Engineering, KSH Holdings, Country Foods or YTL.

  • For pre-approved limit of up to $500k, no documents are required
  • For a limit of up to $1 million, minimal documents required:
    – Bank Statements (past 6 months)
    – Credit Bureau Statement (past 1 month) of Personal Guarantor(s)

To finance invoices issued to any other companies:

It’s easy to get started, SMEs will simply need to send in a few documents to apply^

  • Bank Statements (past 6 months)
  • Financial Statement/ Management Account (past 1 year)
  • Credit Bureau Statement (past 1 month) of Personal Guarantor(s)
  • Notice of Assessment (past 1 year) of Personal Guarantor(s)

^Required application documents may vary on application based on the financing request

How much funding can I get?

You could get up SGD 1 million, maximum 90% of your invoice amount. Loan amount, interest rates and disbursement fee for any finance or loan request may vary and is subject to assessment by Validus Capital.

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Exclusive Offer Terms and Conditions

*This exclusive offer is only applicable to new borrowers onboarded by 31 Dec 2021. 100% of the disbursement fees collected (inclusive of GST) for all loan transactions within the first 3 months from the disbursement date of the first loan transaction will be reimbursed in full within 1 day of the disbursement. Information provided is intended as a guide and does not constitute a loan application or an offer of finance. Loan amount and interest rates will be based on lending criteria and may vary. Any finance or loan request is subject to assessment against Validus Capital’s lending criteria, standard disclaimers, and terms and conditions. Validus Capital reserves the right to update the information without prior notice.