In line with Singapore Budget 2020 and to further support SMEs, we’ve introduced a $50 million SME VSupport Package aimed at addressing cash flow challenges, operational expenses and to support SME business growth.

◢  For SMEs on the front lines of battling Covid-19 (healthcare, pharmaceutical, distribution sectors, and associated services such as cleaning, logistics, delivery)

We are working closely with Government and Corporates to help SMEs bolster their frontline responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, by financing SMEs who are in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and distribution sectors. Also, if you are an SME who is pivoting or retooling your business to adapt services or make products needed for the Covid-19 crisis – get in touch with us. Frontline SMEs can get up to $500,000 with no collateral needed, 48-hour approval and next-day funds.

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◢  For SMEs who are Suppliers/ Vendors to Corporates or part of our Corporate Vendor Financing program

Validus partners with corporates to pre-approve SMEs in their supply chains for zero-collateral invoice financing. SMEs in our ecosystem can access increased financing limits, longer repayment terms, and access to pre-approved financing at lower interest rates.

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