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  • 22 March 2023
  • business expansion|business growth|business opportunities|invoice financing|Singapore SMEs|small business loans made easy|SME Working Capital|working capital

A Guide to Business Expense Management for Small Businesses


  • 30 December 2022
  • Financial Inclusion | FinTech | SME Financing | Partnerships | Business Account | Corporate Cards

Celebrating SME financial inclusion in 2022: A year of enabling small businesses to grow


  • 8 November 2022
  • innovation SFF Global Fintech Awards sme financing working capital Singapore FinTech AI inclusive finance digital financing

Validus wins Singapore FinTech award for Auto Working Capital product at prestigious SFF Global FinTech Awards 2022


  • 2 November 2022
  • SFF Global Fintech Awards sme financing working capital Singapore FinTech

Validus shortlisted as Singapore FinTech finalist for Automated Working Capital product at SFF Global FinTech Awards 2022


  • 31 August 2022
  • sme financing citi securitisation facility fintech

Press Release: Validus and Citi establish USD 100 million facility to drive SME financing


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Download our exclusive SME Financing Economic Impact Study

We’re proud to share the findings of an independent study by Steward Redqueen, on the economic impact of Validus’ business financing activity in Singapore. By empowering SMEs through accessible financing, there was a considerable impact in GDP creation, and job growth across these SMEs in Singapore.

Through this report, we hope to highlight the financing challenges SMEs currently face, drive greater awareness on alternative credit sources available to help fuel SME growth and foster ecosystem collaboration.