Channel Partner Financing Program

 EXCLUSIVE  to Siemens Digital Industries’ Channel Partners

Access to financing is crucial to ensure business resilience. Siemens has partnered with Validus so Channel Partners can secure better business financing to improve cash flow and liquidity.

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Access Business Credit Line up to $500k

For higher loan amounts, additional documentation is required for credit assessment. Please email with the subject Validus Channel Partner Financing Program (Siemens) to enquire
Validus Channel Partner Financing
Bridge liquidity gap between purchase of inventory from Siemens and customer payments
Loan amount: Up to $500k
Loan tenure: 3 to 5 months
Interest rate: 1.0 - 1.5% per month
Fees & Charges: One-time Disbursement Fee only

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Benefits of Applying

Boost your business cash flow with Validus and enjoy

Improved cash flow and
inventory management


Flexible, pay-per-use


Improved customer rating with Siemens for access to larger contracts and potential discounts

How it works

Three simple steps for effective cash flow management
  • 1

    Send a copy of Siemens' invoice(s) of your purchase to Validus to request for financing

  • 2

    Once approved, Validus will fund payment at least 7 days before the invoice due date

  • 3

    You then make repayment at the end of the credit term or the loan tenure period


Validus and Siemens partner to enable credit access for distributors in Singapore

In supporting the working capital needs of local businesses, SME financing platform Validus and Siemens announced a Channel Partner Financing Program for Siemens Digital Industries’ ecosystem of distributors in Singapore.
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Exclusive Offer Terms and Conditions

This offer is applicable only to Channel Partners of Siemens Digital Industries (Singapore).

For higher loan amounts, additional documentation is required for credit assessment. Please email with the subject “Corporate Financing Program – Siemens’ Channel Partners” to enquire. Loan amount and interest rates will be based on lending criteria and may vary. Any finance or loan request is subject to assessment against Validus Capital’s lending criteria, standard disclaimers and terms and conditions. Information provided is intended as a guide, and does not constitute a loan application or an offer of finance. Validus Capital reserves the right to update the information without prior notice.