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Xero is a beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting platform for small businesses and their advisors, with 1.6 million subscribers in over 180 countries. Xero connects directly with more than 140 financial institutions globally, and with more than 700 third-­party apps to streamline and automate small business processes.


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Helpful resources for SMEs


What is accounts receivable and where can it go wrong?

How do you get paid for goods or services? Accounts receivable is the short answer. Here’s your introduction to one of the most important functions in a business.


How to create your first export invoice

So you’ve got your first international order. How do you invoice your customer? Which currency do you choose? And what do you do about tax? Here are the basics.


Choosing an inventory valuation method for your business

Inventory accounting can be done a lot of ways. And it doesn’t have to involve painstaking stocktakes. Check out these approaches to one of the most hated jobs in accounting.