Our Strategic Partners

To support the sustainable growth of small businesses, we have partnered with large corporates to help buyers, distributors and suppliers in supply chain ecosystems grow and succeed with tailored financing solutions.

We have also forged strong alliances with industry partners, collaborating with each one to deliver innovative solutions.


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Some of Our Corporate Partners Include...




Industry Partners

Financing solutions for stronger supply chains

Healthy cash flows are the lifeblood of SMEs – boost the health of your supply chain today with tailored financing solutions.

Purchase Order Financing

Up to 60% of purchase order amount

Pre-approved Invoice Financing

Up to $500k

Working Capital Financing

Up to $150k

Our supplier finance is easy and fast for SMEs

Sending Invoice to Buyer

Supplier sends invoice to Buyer for goods and services rendered

Submitting Invoice to Validus

Supplier must submit verified invoice to Validus

Disbursal Made to Supplier

Validus disburses up to 90% of invoice amount to Supplier

Buyer Makes Invoice Payment to Validus

Buyer makes invoice payment to Validus on payment due date

Sending of Invoice Balance to Supplier

Validus sends Supplier the balance amount from the invoice, minus interest payable


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Are you a Business Owner, Head of Procurement or Head of Finance who’s looking for innovative ways to grow your business? For business collaboration opportunities, email us at partnerships@validus.sg

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Profitable with an annual revenue of greater than $50 million
  • Active SME (Suppliers & Vendors) base of more than 50
  • COGS – Payments to vendors & suppliers in excess of $4 million/month
  • Invoice payment terms (post acceptance of invoice) more than 30 days

The program has no legal recourse to Buyer (you) unlike traditional factoring; it involves only a one-time change in bank account record for the SME vendor upon their consent.

In addition, you get to extend your cash flows and reduce borrowings to meet their account payables.

Vendor cashflow requirement from work commencement to invoice payment can be as high as 6 months. In most cases, SMEs resort to expensive alternate methods due to lack of collateral and documentation; Validus can reduce their financing cost by as much as 60% and help them ‘grow’.

Our supply chain financing program is an option and not a hand-cuff; The pay-per-use model gives vendors an option to advance their cash flows should they desire.

Validus is bound by an NDA and any arrangement with the Corporate is strictly confidential; transaction data (SME name, number & business data) given for the purposes of securing contracts is owned by the Corporate and is not restricted under PDPA.