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Getting Started in Peer-to-Business Lending

Who can lend on the Validus P2B platform?

Accredited Investors can apply to lend on the Validus platform, defined as either:

  • •  Individuals with a personal net asset in excess of $2 million –or– has an income of not less than $300,000 in the past 12 months;
  • •  Corporations with net assets exceeding $10 million in value, in their most recent balance sheet

Both Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans can apply.

How can I register on the platform?

Simply click here to create an account and upload the required document to start the registration process. Once your identity is verified (within 48 hours), you will be notified and can then transfer funds in.

How are the funds being held?

Funds are held in an escrow bank account by independent agency Vistra Trust (Singapore) Pte. Limited. All transactions’ monies are transferred into and paid out from this account.

What’s the minimum investment amount and term?

The minimum investment per facility is SGD 1,000 via Auto Invest.

Loan tenures are for a period between

  • •  30 to 120 days for Invoice Financing and Purchase Order Financing, or
  • •  3 to 12 months for Working Capital Financing

Will I earn interest on the account balance that is not invested?

No, because the escrow account is an interest-free account, any balance in this account will not earn any interest.

When can I expect to get returns?

As soon as the SME borrower has repaid the loan. The average loan period for invoice financing is about two months, and ultimately the loan term will depend on what you have invested in as each facility has a different loan period.

Can I withdraw my offer to lend?

As soon as you have committed funds to a facility, it cannot be withdrawn. In the odd case the funding process is unsuccessful, your funds will be released and can then be used for investing in other facilities.

What happens in case of delayed or non-payment by SME borrowers?

We will notify you and the reason for any delayed payments, and the SME borrower will be liable for late charges and additional interest applied to the outstanding amount due for the duration of delay.
Validus will also work with the SME Borrower to mitigate any payment issues before a default occurs. In the rare case a default occurs, we will, based on advice, proceed with the most appropriate course of action which may include debt collection and legal action.

How long does it take to withdraw funds?

It takes approximately two to three working days for the funds to be transferred to your bank account.

What currency do you accept?

All transactions are in SGD.

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✓ Net rate of return 8 – 12% p.a.*

✓ Periodic returns with easy liquidity

✓ Investor protection on most invoice financing facilities

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*Projected figures are only an estimate based on a diversified portfolio with Auto-Invest enabled and will vary.


Whatever your question our Investor Relations team is here to help. Simply send an email to, contact us at +65 8661 7644 (WhatsApp), or leave your details and we’ll be in touch to provide more information or answer any questions you may have.

How does Validus provide investor protection?

As the region’s first and only platform to offer investor insurance, Validus’ partnership with Coface means that Coface provides a blanket cover across the majority of invoice financing facilities on the platform.


In addition, with a growing number of borrowers on the platform, investors have the ability to significantly reduce individual borrower risk through diversification. Using Auto Invest, borrower concentration can be specified by the investor and automatically caps their exposure to any one individual borrower at that limit.


Limits as low as SGD 1,000 per borrower can be set by investors to maximise diversification, particularly in the higher risk/return products.

Are all facilities insured?

Selected facilities on the platform are insured. Details will be available on each facility when it is live on the platform.

What is covered by insurance?

Insurance for invoice financing facilities covers non-payment by both the end buyer and the borrower.


Please note that insurance does not cover fraud and dispute. To date, Validus has not had any claims rejected based on the aforementioned situations.

What percentage of my principal investment is protected?

Up to 90% of your principal amount invested^, depending on the structure and the end buyer.

^in an insured invoice financing facility with insurance

Does the Investor or Validus pay for the insurance?

Validus’ partnership with Coface covers the Lender (investor), so the premium is paid by the investor.

What is the cost of the insurance premium?

The insurance premium rate is 0.08%, depending on the structure and the end buyer of the invoice financing facility. For details, please see the ‘Fees and Charges’ tab.

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✓ 4 – 24% p.a.*
✓ Periodic returns with easy liquidity
✓ Investor protection on most invoice financing facilities

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*Platform net rate of return (per annum) in 2018

What is the cost to Investors?

A 20% administration fee is payable on all returns earned through the platform. Admin fees are paid as and when interest is received on investment. If there are no returns or interest received, there is no administration fee payable.


The fees are reflected in the Account Summary page on a cash basis, and can be viewed in detail via the Transactions tab.

Insurance premiums

For insured facilities (Invoice Financing only), an insurance premium is payable depending on the structure and the end buyer of the particular invoice. The premium rate is 0.1284% (or 12 bps) of the Investment Commitment submitted (inclusive of GST) irrespective of tenure, and is paid upfront to cover the entire tenure of the loan.


Example insurance premium payable on a $1,000 investment:


$1,000 X 0.1284%

= $1.28


Case of early repayment:

For any facilities which are repaid prior to the contracted repayment date, any full unused months will be returned to the investors.

Are there any other charges or penalties?

There are no hidden fees and charges – We do not charge management fees, statement fees, nor transaction fees on withdrawals or deposits.

Am I liable for tax on my earnings from the platform?

Income derived from investments is generally subjected to tax, however please contact a tax professional as we are unable to provide any tax advice.

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✓ 4 – 24% p.a.*
✓ Periodic returns with easy liquidity
✓ Investor protection on most invoice financing facilities

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*Platform net rate of return (per annum) in 2018

Accredited Investor Declaration, MAS Risk Disclosure

As part of our onboarding process, we will require you to complete online the Accredited Investor Declaration via DocuSign.


This is a self-declaration form required by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), as the Validus platform is only open to those with Accredited Investor status (for the definition on Accredited Investor, please click here).


In addition, the MAS Risk Disclosure a risk disclosure statement is provided to you as part of our MAS Capital Markets Services licence requirements. Please read this document carefully.

Limited Power of Attorney

This is a legal document that appoints Validus as a true attorney-in-fact on your Validus account to ensure we are able to act in your best interests in the rare event of a default by the Borrower. This gives us the ability to collectively pursue legal action on behalf of yourself and all other investors with a share in the loan, and ensure that we are able to act with utmost expediency in pursuit of recovery and/or settlement.


The Limited Power of Attorney authorises Validus to:

  • – Act on behalf of the Investor in relation to any debt due to the Investor, and to receive any and all sums due to the Investor,
  • – Take any steps to recover all and any amounts due,
  • – To appoint, instruct, to sign warrants to act for the Investor, and agree the fees and disbursements of such solicitors as they deem fit to act for the Investor,
  • – To negotiate and compromise claims for any amounts due,
  • – To allow Validus to appoint delegates in relation to the powers granted to it under the POA to such other parties as Validus in its sole and absolute discretion deems appropriate from time to time, and
  • – To pay legal or other collections fees in relation to the recovery of the debt up to the higher of:
    (a) $50,000 or
    (b) an amount equal to 20% of the debt.

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✓ 4 – 24% p.a.*
✓ Periodic returns with easy liquidity
✓ Investor protection on most invoice financing facilities

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*Platform net rate of return (per annum) in 2018

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