Investing through the Platform requires a full consideration of the usual risks involved in investing your funds in small-medium enterprises in Singapore, including the real possibility of not being able to recover all or any of your investment, or achieving your investment objectives and returns.

Investors investing through the Platform do so entirely at their own risk.

Validus gives no representation, warranty or undertaking to any Investor of the creditworthiness of any Borrower, or that all investments will be fully repaid or that all unpaid amounts will be recoverable. As such, Investors should consider the risks and undertake their own research, analysis, assessment of each Borrower and the Funding Requests made by such Borrowers to form their own opinion whether or not to invest.

Investors are strongly encouraged to obtain specific professional advice as the Investor considers necessary or appropriate before submitting a Funding Commitment through the Platform to make an investment.

Validus is purely an administrator of the Website and Platform. It is not licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Fundraising from the public through lending-based crowdfunding, or P2P lending, is regulated by MAS under the Securities and Futures Act (Cap. 289) (the “SFA”) and the Financial Advisers Act (Cap. 110) (the “FAA”).

Prospectus Requirement

Currently, Validus Capital falls under 3 exemptions for Prospectus Requirement, which are the Small Offers Exemption, the Private Placement Exemption, and the Accredited Investors exemption. We are however preparing to apply for the Capital Markets License for “Dealing Intermediaries”.

·Notwithstanding the above, Validus is committed to providing a fully structured Platform for its Users. Validus carries out stringent checks, which includes assessment of business creditworthiness, before Borrowers are permitted to post their Funding Requests on the Platform. A dedicated Bank account managed by Vistra (Escrow), in the name of Validus, has been earmarked by Validus to handle, hold, disburse and accept monies received from Investors and Borrowers.