• 17 March 2021
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Lessons from Building an SME Financing Startup



As published on e27:

The future of P2P lending shines bright

We must strive to bring together the best and brightest, not just from the financial services industry but also from the upcoming generation of graduates and talents with new ideas and aspirations for an inclusive, customer-first, digitally-led P2P lending space.

This humanises the technological aspects of providing financial solutions to SMEs through P2P platforms. Sure, Validus is a digital business, but it requires a lot of empathy. When a tech-to-touch model bridges offline and digital experiences, empathy addresses the day-to-day challenges and problems unique to each operating local ecosystem.

P2P platforms will need to adapt and react quickly to adequately address the increased financing gap caused by COVID-19 and manage the increasing risk of non-performing loans. The pandemic will be an important moment for the P2P lending industry – we will likely see some P2P platforms cease operations or consolidate, especially those who are not able to adapt quickly to the new normal.

As Southeast Asia’s fintech industry continues to grow, now is a fantastic time to be at the forefront of a growing business in the region. Banks will continue to be relevant, and fintech companies will plug the remaining gaps.

I am excited for the future of Validus and to welcome the new, improved, and integrated solutions that modern fintech companies can bring to bridging the financing gap for the core of all our economies … the SME!


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