• 13 September 2023
  • Inclusion Conference on the Bund 2023 | Fintech | Financial Technology | SME Lending | SME Financing | Financial Inclusion | Ant Group

Highlights from Validus at INCLUSION.Conference on the Bund 2023 and MoneyLIVE Asia 2023

INCLUSION.Conference on the Bund 2023: Keynote by Validus Co-founder & Group CEO Nikhilesh Goel on “Sharing of applications and practices of financial technology in emerging markets” 

At the second edition of INCLUSION.Conference on the Bund in Shanghai ( 2023 外滩大会: 科技创造可持续未来 ) that took place from 7 to 9 Sep 2023, Validus Co-founder and Group CEO Nikhilesh Goel had the esteemed honour of delivering a keynote presentation on “Sharing of applications and practices of financial technology in emerging markets”, in line with the conference theme of “Technology for a sustainable future”.

Nikhilesh shared how Validus is harnessing the power of financial technology, data, AI, and strategic supply chain partnerships with large corporates to bridge financial gaps, promote economic growth, drive SME financial inclusion, empower small businesses in emerging markets, and in turn deliver meaningful impact on sustainable societal development.

Our sincere gratitude to the organising committee of INCLUSION.Conference on the Bund and Ant Group for providing a platform to discuss these important issues, and for inviting Validus to contribute to the dialogue.

Validus Nikhilesh Goel at Inclusion Fintech Conference on the Bund Shanghai 2023


MoneyLIVE Asia 2023: Validus Co-founder & Executive Chairman Vikas Nahata and Group Chief Operating Officer Vishal Shah share insights on the lending landscape at Asia’s senior banking and payments event

Validus Co-founder and Executive Chairman Vikas Nahata and Group Chief Operating Officer Vishal Shah took to the stage at MoneyLIVE Asia 2023 to share valuable insights on the lending landscape. 

The fireside chat and panel sessions delved into an array of pivotal themes confronting the lending industry. During the fireside chat on the topic of “From alternative data to AI: enhancing credit risk accuracy”, Vishal and Dr. Nongnuch Tantisantiwong from CIMB Thai Bank explored the shift from traditional affordability assessments to AI-driven solutions, discussed how alternative data boosts financial inclusion, and examined the feasibility of real-time credit while ensuring responsible lending practices. 

In the panel discussion on “The future of lending in Asia”, Vikas and fellow panelists explored critical topics shaping the industry: from opportunities and challenges in the era of BigTech, super apps and digital banks, to innovation in lending products, SME financial inclusion, and the game-changing impact of open data on credit.

A big thanks to our moderator and fellow panelists for an engaging dialogue, and to the MoneyLIVE Asia team for inviting Validus to share insights on the lending landscape. 

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