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Unlock valuable capital tied up in unpaid invoices with our flexible invoice financing solutions in Singapore and reinvest capital in your business right away, or use it to improve your business cash flow.

Get accounts receivables paid earlier – advance up to $1 million with minimal documents and zero collateral, in as fast as one day.

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Benefits of invoice financing

Having access to short-term liquidity can be a game-changer. Whether you’re facing unexpected expenses, seasonal fluctuations, or simply need to cover day-to-day operations, invoice financing can provide the financial flexibility you require precisely when you need it.

Unlock capital trapped in unpaid invoices

Rather than waiting for customers to settle their accounts receivables, you can convert these outstanding invoices into immediate cash flow.

Funds to capitalise on new business opportunities

Whether it’s expanding your product line or entering new markets, having the financial means readily available through an invoice financing loan in Singapore can make all the difference in pushing your business forward.

Flexibility to finance invoices as and when you need

Invoice financing offers a high degree of flexibility. You’re not bound to finance all your invoices; instead, you can choose which invoices to factor in, tailoring the solution to your specific cash flow needs.

Short-term capital injection or as a top-up to bank financing

Have a short-term capital injection when you’re facing a cash flow gap so you can overcome financial hurdles seamlessly. It can even complement your existing bank arrangements.

Your business is eligible for invoice financing in Singapore if you are:

  • A private limited company
  • Registered with ACRA
  • In operation for at least 2 years.

Businesses with less than 2 years can still apply for invoice financing, but considerations are on a case-to-case basis.

How to get invoice financing in Singapore with Validus

Get paid in advance

Get invoice financing with your accounts receivables, so you can grow and scale your business.

Step 1: Apply for invoice financing online and get a quote to know how much you are eligible for.

Step 2: No documents are required for credit assessment – simply provide the name of your buyer, and send us your accounts receivables.

Step 3: Once your invoice financing loan application has been approved, you’ll receive the funds in 1 working day.

Estimate your invoice financing interest cost

Adjust the sliders below to see your estimated figures. Get in touch for a customised quote.

Invoice Amount (SGD)
Payment Terms (i.e. Invoice Due Date)
60 days
180 days

The figures generated by this calculator are intended as a guide only, based on the information that you provide. This shall not, and is not intended to, constitute a commitment that rates offered to you will necessarily be better than those generated by the calculator, and, in particular, is not a commitment to provide any financing. Rates will be determined according to, among other things, our analysis of your risk profile. Any financing is subject to such terms and conditions, disclaimers and lending criteria as may be set by Validus Capital from time to time.

How much you could advance now
Plus, when invoices paid
What you will pay

Why choose Validus for invoice financing?

Loan approval outcome in as fast as 1 day

Attractive interest rates from as low as 1.05% per month

Transparent, simple fees

20% average revenue growth of SMEs with Validus

Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice financing, also referred to as accounts receivables financing or invoice factoring, allows businesses to get paid early and receive up to 90% of their invoice amount, to bridge or increase cash flow that might otherwise be trapped in unpaid invoices due to payment terms or delayed payments. It is an affordable, cashflow-friendly solution for SMEs who require a capital injection for a short period of time. By working with a trusted fintech like Validus, you can ensure a seamless and more streamlined invoice financing approval process for your business.

There are several key differences between invoice financing loans and traditional business loans or overdrafts:

  • Asset-based vs credit-based: Invoice financing is an asset-based form of financing, whereas loans and overdrafts are credit-based. This means the focus of invoice financing is on the value of your accounts receivables, while you get a loan based on the invoices you’ve issued and the creditworthiness of your customers.
  • Collateral: For invoice financing, the collateral is the invoices themselves. With traditional loans, especially secured loans, you may need to pledge assets such as real estate, inventory, or equipment as security.
  • Application and approval process: The application and approval process for invoice financing can be quicker and more streamlined compared to traditional loans which require multiple documents for credit assessment.
  • Use of funds: Loans and overdrafts provide you with a lump sum of money that you can use for various business purposes. Invoice financing is specifically designed to bridge gaps in cash flow caused by unpaid invoices.

Though traditional business loans can take a while, working with a business financing fintech can provide you with more efficient working capital solutions. Check out Validus’s working capital loans to learn more.

At Validus, we only finance Singapore private limited companies registered with ACRA. The invoice financing loan approval outcome will depend on the assessment of our credit and risk teams. To benefit from invoice financing, it’s essential that your business should be offering 60 – 180 days’ payment terms.

Interest rates for our invoice financing loans start from as low as 0.75% a month, and a one-time disbursement fee (for each loan application) will be applied. You may use our free calculator to help you estimate your total cost. For more detailed information about our interest rates and fees, you can talk with our professionals.

After invoicing their buyers, SMEs can submit their verified accounts receivables to Validus when they apply for our invoice financing loan. Once approved, Validus then disburses up to 90% of the invoice amount to the SME. After the buyer makes payment to Validus on the invoice due date, we will send the SME the balance amount, minus interest payable.

To finance invoices issued to SMRT and KSL:

  • For a pre-approved limit of up to S$500,000, no documents are required
  • For a limit of up to S$1 million, we may request for company Financials, Bank Statements, Ageing Report, CBS and NOA of Directors

For non-disclosed Invoice Financing*:

  • 2-year Financial Statements
  • 6-month Bank Statements
  • CBS and NOA of Directors
  • Ageing Report

For disclosed Invoice Financing, no documents are required*

*Documents required for credit assessment only. KYC documents for onboarding are to be submitted after approval

You could get up to S$1 million, a maximum of 90% of your invoice amount when you apply for invoice financing from Validus. However, loan amount, interest rates and disbursement fee for any finance or loan request may vary and are subject to assessment by Validus Capital. Please reach out to our professionals to get a more accurate quote.

Disclosed invoice financing, or invoice factoring, is a transparent arrangement between the business, the invoice financing loan provider (the invoice factoring company), and the business’s client. In a disclosed arrangement, the business’s customers are informed about the financing arrangement, and they channel their payments directly to Validus (the invoice factoring provider).

For undisclosed invoice financing, suppliers or debtors will typically not be aware that your business is obtaining financing from Validus, or any other invoice financing provider unless you, as a business owner, choose to disclose this information to them.


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