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Validus does not use your money for its operations. A separate independent escrow account managed by escrow provider Vistra, holds investors’ monies. All SME repayments are paid into that account, and disbursals are done from there as well.

No, as these are high risk, high yield investments. You have the discretion to choose how you want to invest your money through the Validus platform. Investors should consider carefully the risks of investing and may wish to seek separate independent advice before making a commitment to invest.

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Yes, the SME’s name and a basic business profile of its business will be made available to you on the platform. However, you are legally bound not to contact SMEs directly. Any questions you have should be directed to the Validus Team.

Our Credit Risk and Compliance teams use credit bureau reports and ratings as well as third party bureaus to gather data. However, you are reminded to perform your own assessment of SMEs. 

We will notify you and the reason for any delayed payments, and the SME borrower will be liable for late charges and additional interest applied to the outstanding amount due for the duration of delay. You may check the Collections Note which can be found in the Portfolio tab of the platform, for the latest updates regarding any delayed investments. 

Validus will work with the SME Borrower to mitigate any payment issues before a default occurs. In the rare case a default occurs, we will, based on advice, proceed with the most appropriate course of action which may include facility restructuring, debt collection and/or legal action.
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We conduct thorough checks on the borrowing SME and its directors. However, please note that complete prevention of fraud is not possible.

In the event of any voluntary or involuntary cessation of business at Validus’ end, a proper business cessation plan to protect investors are as stated below:

1. Communication to all investors
All investors registered on our platform will be updated on Validus’ business cessation situation prior to its occurrence. Initial communication will be done through circulation of an official email, where further queries following that can be redirected to our IR team:

Any communication after the cessation will be directed to/handled by Vistra Corporate Trust (Singapore) Ltd (“VISTRA”).

2. Handling of investors’ monies and future repayments
All funds invested through Validus’ platform is kept secure with our escrow agent, VISTRA. Investors whose funds are not being invested in any loan transactions will be able to proceed with a full withdrawal. For investors whose portion of funds are being invested in outstanding loan transactions, only withdrawal on the remaining funds will be available.

With regards to funds being invested in outstanding loan transactions, VISTRA will serve as the future point of contact and investors may liaise with them regarding the future principal and interest repayments due for each outstanding loan transaction. The preceding statement applies to defaulted loans as well, recovery options/procedures will be arranged by VISTRA.

3. Investor agreements and documents
All physical or electronic documents pertaining to investor KYC, AI status, loan agreements, and other relevant information will be placed in the custody of VISTRA where investors will be granted full access to documents they were authorized to previously.


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