Frequently Asked Questions

First, register as an investor via Validus platform. Upon confirmation of your registration by Validus, commit and send funds that you wish to invest to the designated escrow account. See it pop up as ‘Available Funds’ on your investor dashboard on Validus platform. Use those ‘Available Funds’ to participate in live facilities after going through your own risk assessment.

We charge a 20% flat fee on any interest paid and received by an Investor through the platform. We do not take this commission if earnings are not received. This is payable to Validus and will be deducted before the amount due to you that is reflected on your dashboard, in accordance with the transaction document (the investment factsheet, also known as the Facility Request for Investors). 

A minimum portfolio size of SGD 50,000 is required overall.

Per facility there is no minimum imposed when manually investing. A minimum investment of SGD 1,000 per facility is required for investments made via Auto Invest.

Loan tenors are as follows:

  • 30 to 150 days for Invoice Financing and Purchase Order Financing
  • 12 months for Working Capital Financing

None. However, we request you to exercise caution and if you choose to, you may diversify your risk by spreading your investments across various facilities. This “fractionalization” may offer better rates of return in the long term. This is what marketplace lending trends have shown over the last 5 years.

Loan tenors are typically between:

  • 30 to 150 days for Invoice Financing and Purchase Order Financing, or
  • 12 months for Working Capital Financing

These may vary according to facilities and SMEs involved.

Auto Invest is a convenient way for you to invest. It automatically allocates your available funds to facilities according to your set preferences, in order to optimise fund utilisation and maximise returns. When a new facility becomes available on the platform, Auto Invest will automatically create a list of investors to participate based on their pre-determined settings, that will be used to fill the facility.

Auto Invest allows investors to select their limit exposure to any one SME borrower, facility type they would like to invest in, and interest rate exposure on each of the facility types. Auto Invest will only engage whenever there are live facilities that meet investors’ specific criteria.

Investors can choose to manually invest into live facilities on the platform after going through their own risk assessment or they can decide to enable Auto Invest by visiting the ‘Auto Invest’ tab in their account. Any and all ‘matching’ is done at the discretion of, or instruction of you as an Investor. 

Validus works with SCCB (part of Dun & Bradstreet) and DP-Experian. 

Our platform generated a net rate of return from 4% to 24% p.a., depending on portfolio diversification and the facilities invested in.

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We are unable to advise you on your tax matters. Whether you are a Singapore resident, a non-Singapore resident, or an institutional/corporate investor, please consult a tax professional who can advise you regarding tax matters. 

We are unable to do this. As the SME has agreed on a certain repayment schedule, we will not call back the facility before the end of the agreed repayment term. 


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