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Corporate cards to manage expenses

Navigating the complexities of business expenses can be a challenge. But with our corporate cards, you can take charge of your company’s expenditure efficiently and effectively. These cards, tailored for business expense management in Singapore, empower you to monitor, control, and streamline your company’s spending with ease.

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Limitless power and security with an unlimited set of virtual cards

In today’s digital age, virtual cards offer a level of flexibility and security that traditional cards simply can’t match. Our expense management software provides an unlimited set of virtual cards that can be issued to your employees based in Singapore and around the world, each with its own spending limit.

This feature allows you to control and track individual expenses with ease, providing an accurate, real-time overview of your business expenditure. Moreover, the virtual nature of these cards adds an extra layer of security, reducing the risk of physical theft or loss.

Experience convenience with physical corporate cards

While the digital world offers many advantages, there’s still a place for physical cards in handling business expenses. Our physical corporate cards (coming soon) combine the convenience of traditional payment methods with the advanced features of our expense management system.

They are perfect for in-store purchases, business trips, or client entertainment, providing an easy-to-use solution for managing your company’s expenses. Coupled with our comprehensive expense management system, you can effortlessly track, control, and analyse your spending, regardless of your business requirements.

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Track and control spend effortlessly with expense management software

Steer your business finances effectively with our corporate expense management system. Simplify expense tracking, maintain budgets, and gain immediate insights into your spending patterns. Effortlessly administer control over company-wide expenses, empowering you to make informed financial decisions swiftly.


Save Time

With our innovative corporate expense management software, we help businesses in Singapore to reclaim their time. Issue corporate cards instantly to your employees at a click of a button and streamline a process that traditionally could take days or even weeks. Our system replaces the time-consuming task of manual paperwork, expediting procedures and reducing administrative burdens. Make your finance team and employees very happy by reducing the time they spend on expense management and claims.

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Expense Control

Our business expense management also allows you to set spend limits for each card so that your business stays within allocated budgets. This granular control over every card’s spending limit not only prevents overspending but also helps in maintaining fiscal discipline within the organisation. Whether it’s for business trips, procurement of supplies, or client entertainment, every expenditure stays within the pre-set boundaries. Moreover, this level of expense control lends itself to better financial planning and forecasting. You can allocate resources more effectively, knowing that set limits will prevent budget overruns. Enjoy peace of mind with full control over your business spend.

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Full Transparency

Our expense management system is designed to offer access to real-time financial data. With each transaction made using our corporate cards, data is immediately captured and synced to your ledger. This process happens automatically, eliminating the need for manual entry and significantly reducing the risk of human error. Keep track of your business spend with real-time transaction notifications and instantly approve or reject top-up requests from employees.
No longer do you need to wait for monthly or quarterly reports to understand your financial position. Instead, with our platform, you have the power to make informed decisions on the go. This level of transparency not only aids in efficient expense management but also fosters trust within the organisation.

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Benefits of using corporate expense management software

Corporate expense management is a crucial component of maintaining a healthy business. By leveraging a robust business expense management strategy, companies can enjoy several key benefits:

Streamlined processes

An effective corporate expense management system automates many routine tasks, reducing the burden of manual data entry and enabling more efficient expense tracking and reporting.

Increased visibility

With expense management software, businesses can have real-time visibility into their expenses. This transparency helps in making informed decisions and spotting trends or irregularities early.

Cost savings

By automating expense management, businesses can identify unnecessary costs, eliminate wasteful spending, and improve budgeting, ultimately leading to significant cost savings.

Compliance assurance

Automated expense management systems ensure that all expenses are compliant with both company policies and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of fraud or non-compliance.

Employee satisfaction

Prompt and accurate reimbursement of expenses enhances employee satisfaction and can also free up employee time for more valuable tasks.

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Create teams, custom spend control

Create teams, add employees to teams and set team budgets. With our custom spend control feature, save time and unburden your finance teams from unnecessary administrative tasks to review expenses against approved budgets.

Dashboard reporting

Consolidate your business expenses on our business account and expense management platform and have full visibility on all your business spend. Use our dashboard to get a holistic overview, analyse business expenses and find ways to reduce expenses.

Easier expense claims and approvals

Employees can easily upload receipts, invoices and other documents with our expense management software, accessible through the web platform and mobile app. Wherever you are, you can conveniently approve or reject claims with a click of a button.


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Frequently Asked Questions About
Validus SME Corporate Expense Management

Expense management software is a financial tool designed to streamline the process of recording, tracking, and managing business expenses. It helps companies monitor their spending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and ensure compliance with their financial policies. The software often includes features such as real-time expense tracking, receipt scanning, automated report generation, and integration with accounting systems.

Validus’s expense management software is a powerful solution designed to simplify and optimise your business’s financial management. Tailored for the Singaporean market, our software offers real-time expense tracking and the ability to sync transactions to leading accounting software providers. This critical data can be harnessed for precise budgeting and accurate financial forecasting. Additionally, this tool offers strategic insights, enabling your finance team to devise effective measures for enhancing business profitability.

With the ability to issue unlimited virtual cards and convenient physical cards (coming soon), you can also maintain full control over your corporate expenses, fostering financial discipline and transparency in your organisation.

Our expense management function, integrated into the Validus SME business account, enhances the efficiency and accuracy of expense reporting. Every transaction made is instantly captured, eliminating the risk of manual errors and time lags. This real-time data capture enables you to generate comprehensive expense reports swiftly, providing critical insights into your spending patterns and helping inform strategic financial decisions.

Effective expense management is vital for maintaining a healthy financial status and driving business growth. It helps you track and control your company’s spending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and ensure compliance with your financial policies. 

Furthermore, effective expense management provides valuable insights into your spending habits, which can inform strategic decision-making and budget planning. Discover Validus’ other solutions for managing cash flow and growing your business, such as working capital loans for SMEs.

Yes, Validus’ expense management software plays a significant role in facilitating end-of-month closing. By providing real-time transaction data and the ability to sync transactions for reporting via your preferred accounting software provider, our software ensures that all expenses are recorded accurately and promptly. This reduces the time and effort required for reconciling accounts at the end of the month, streamlining the closing process. Plus, with comprehensive expense reports at your fingertips, you can gain valuable insights into your financial performance, helping guide your future financial strategy.

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