Investment Diversification Calculator

Investing in a number of SMEs and across different loans will help to minimise risks and optimise your returns. This tool is intended to help you better picture what diversification can mean for your Validus portfolio.

Adjust the sliders to simulate your potential portfolio performance

Your Investment Amount (SGD)
No. of SMEs you'd invest in
Would you like to allocate your funds equally to these SMEs, regardless of product type?
What % of your total investment would you allocate to a single SME?
Assuming the average interest rate per annum(%) is:
Assuming the average default rate across your portfolio is :
(Note: Validus' NPL is 1.99% in 2020)
If you made a significant investment into a single SME, would you like a "happy" scenario, or an "unhappy" scenario (in a "happy" scenario, default will not affect the SME you made a significant investment into, in an "unhappy" scenario it will)

Your Portfolio Allocation

You have invested $ _________ across _____ SMEs

You have invested $ _________ in one SME and $ _________ across _____ SMEs

Net Returns ($)
Net Loss ($)
Net Returns (%)

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