True unlimited 1% cashback on corporate expense card.

Maximise your business savings by consolidating all your expenses onto Validus Corporate Card.

Whether it’s Google ads, Facebook ads, air tickets, cloud services, software subscriptions, or any expense that can be charged to a Mastercard, you’ll earn the best cashback rewards.

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Corporate cards for growing businesses


Unlimited 1% Card Cashback

Save-as-you-spend with the best corporate card cashback on all card spend. No hidden clauses.


Free Corporate Cards for All Teams

No sign up, annual, card issuance or hidden fees. Issue unlimited virtual cards with custom limits to employees for free.


Instant Issuance of Cards

Issue cards instantly online in minutes – it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Control Business Expenses

Gain full control and visibility over your business expenses with Validus Corporate Cards. Set and adjust the spend limits of your corporate Mastercard at any time to avoid costly surprises. With our comprehensive expense management tools, you can ensure that your business finances are well-managed and aligned with your budgetary goals.

Real-Time Expense Tracking

No more worries about overspending or unexpected expenses commonly experienced with standard credit cards. With Validus Corporate Cards, you can easily track and monitor your company and employee expenses in real-time. Set spend limits, define approval policies, and access detailed spending reports right at your fingertips. Stay on top of your spendings and make informed financial decisions for your business — be it an SME or startup.

Add your Validus Corporate Mastercard to mobile wallet, use it anywhere

As the business landscape evolves, embracing digital payment solutions is crucial for efficiency and convenience. Adding your Validus Corporate Card to your mobile wallet unlocks a world of possibilities for seamless transactions and enhanced financial control. Make quick and secure payments, eliminating the need to carry physical cards or cash.

Whether you’re making purchases in-store or online, simply tap or click to complete transactions effortlessly. And with the Validus Corporate Card being widely accepted by a long list of merchants, confidently use your mobile wallet to pay for goods and services wherever you go. Pay for transport, air tickets, accommodation, team meals and transactions online or in-store at merchants worldwide.

Simply add your Validus Corporate Card to Google Pay and Apple Pay* digital wallets for mobile payments. Experience the freedom of mobile payments with Validus and take your business to new heights.

*Apple Pay is coming soon, stay tuned!

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Smarter savings for SMEs & startups with Validus Corporate Cards in Singapore

With Validus Corporate Cards, your business can enjoy significant savings on every transaction, helping you optimise your expenses. Earn the most generous 1% cashback in the market on all card spend – online and offline, anywhere in the world. Every transaction becomes an opportunity to earn cashback while enjoying exclusive perks, helping your business thrive and grow.

What’s more, enjoy MasterCard Priceless Specials with your Validus Corporate Card. Unlock a world of privileges, discounts, and unique experiences curated specifically for MasterCard cardholders. From travel perks to dining privileges, entertainment offers to shopping discounts, the MasterCard Priceless Specials programme enhances the value you receive from your Validus Corporate Card.

Take advantage of the smarter savings and exclusive privileges that Validus Corporate Cards offer. Sign up now and start maximising the benefits for your business.

Zero FX fees and competitive FX rates on foreign currency transactions

Spend and transact online or abroad in 150 different currencies and enjoy attractive foreign exchange rates – without any additional fees. 

Benefits of an Employee Expense Card

Employee expense cards provide businesses a convenient and efficient way to manage corporate spending. These cards, issued to employees for business-related expenses, simplify expense tracking and promote compliance with spending policies. By setting spending limits and defining spending categories, businesses can ensure adherence to approved guidelines. In addition, employee expense cards streamline the reimbursement process, eliminating the need for out-of-pocket expenses and speeding up reimbursement cycles. They also enhance financial visibility by consolidating employee spending and providing detailed transaction reports. As a result, companies save time and resources by automating expense tracking and approval processes. Some of its main benefits include:


Easy Employee Reimbursement Process

Employee expense cards alleviate the tedious administrative burden required for reimbursement processes. Instead of employees using personal funds and submitting reimbursement claims, the corporate expense cards allow for direct payment of business expenses. This eliminates the requirement for employees to maintain meticulous records of their expenses and fill out cumbersome reimbursement forms.

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Reduce Expense Frauds

By providing employees with dedicated expense cards, businesses can closely monitor and control their spending as well as have a clear overview of returns and fulfilled reimbursements. This reduces the risk of unauthorised or non-compliant expenses and fills the gap for any possible loopholes.

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Ensure Seamless Business Travel

Corporate credit cards streamline Travel & Entertainment (T&E) expenses, ensuring seamless business travel. These cards enable employees to make necessary travel bookings, such as flights, accommodations, and transportation, without the need for personal funds. By consolidating all travel expenses onto the corporate card, businesses can also gain better visibility and control over T&E spending.

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Simplifies Vendor Management

Instead of relying on traditional payment methods, such as checks or bank transfers, businesses can use corporate credit cards to settle vendor invoices promptly. This streamlines the payment process, strengthens vendor relationships, and ensures smoother cash flow management. Additionally, comprehensive transaction records provided by corporate credit cards facilitate vendor reconciliation and simplify expense management for both parties involved.

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Why Choose Validus?

Validus takes a people-first approach to digital finance, empowering small businesses, like SMEs and start-ups, in Singapore to thrive and succeed. With a keen awareness of the distinct hurdles faced by small businesses, we provide a suite of solutions designed to support growth, streamline financial management, and simplify payment processes. From corporate debit cards with competitive cashback rewards, free issuance, and comprehensive expense management tools to a range of other solutions such as working capital loans and corporate expense management services, Validus equips businesses with the resources needed to effectively manage finances and drive success in today’s competitive market.

Gain a trusted partner dedicated to your growth and financial well-being today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
SME Corporate Cards in Singapore

Validus virtual Corporate Cards are Mastercard debit cards powered by MatchMove. You can instantly issue Validus Corporate Cards to your employees, granting them the flexibility to spend on the go. With compatibility with popular mobile payment platforms such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and soon Apple Pay, Validus Corporate Cards can be used for seamless transactions at both online and physical stores. These cards offer convenience, real-time expense tracking, and enhanced financial control, empowering your business to manage expenses efficiently and drive financial success.
A business credit card is a payment card specifically tailored for business purposes. It allows businesses to make purchases, track expenses, and manage cash flow. Business credit cards often come with features such as customisable spending limits, expense tracking tools, and rewards programmes. They are designed to meet the unique financial needs of businesses, providing convenience, flexibility, and enhanced financial management capabilities.

No, a Validus corporate card is not the same as a credit card. While both cards can be used for payments and issued to corporate entities, they serve different purposes. Corporate cards, including Validus Corporate Cards, a debit Mastercard, are specifically designed to enable modern, growing businesses to manage corporate expenses while saving more time and money, offering features and benefits tailored to their needs. Credit cards, on the other hand, can be issued to individuals or businesses and serve a broader range of purposes beyond corporate expenses.

Validus does not charge FX fees on transactions in foreign currencies on your Validus Corporate Cards. Your business will also save more, with better than bank foreign exchange rates on foreign currency Corporate Card spend.

Any business incorporated in Singapore that aligns with our Acceptable Use Policy can open a Validus business account, making them eligible to issue. Validus Corporate Cards to any number of employees. We aim to provide financial solutions to a wide range of businesses, ensuring accessibility and support for their corporate card needs.

A corporate card is any type of payment card used for business-related expenses and issued to a corporate entity. It can include a variety of card types, such as corporate credit cards, expense cards, corporate debit cards, or corporate charge cards. Corporate cards are specifically designed to facilitate business transactions, streamline expense management, and provide businesses with control and oversight over their financial operations.
Yes, Validus virtual cards can be used both domestically in Singapore and overseas for transactions in local and foreign currencies. Whether you are travelling for business or conducting international transactions, Validus Corporate Cards offer the convenience and flexibility to make purchases and manage expenses seamlessly, wherever you are.

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