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  • 28 January 2020
  • Singapore SME|SME financing

EQ Insurance and Coface Partner to Launch a Simplified Credit Insurance Policy Specifically Designed for SMEs

As published on Coface:  Recognising that a quarter of bankruptcies are linked to unpaid invoices and SMEs are usually the least protected, EQ Insurance and Coface are introducing an innovative solution targeted at SMEs. With a single on-line platform, SMEs could get the quotation and a tailor- made protection package in a few minutes. “For […]

  • 28 January 2020
  • Singapore SME|SME financing

Coface France Is Recognized as The Best Credit Insurance Company In 2019 By International Finance Magazine

As published on Coface:  Participating in this prestigious award for the first time, Coface France took the highest step on the podium, acknowledging the many initiatives deployed by Coface to better assist its customers. Since 2013, the International Finance Awards have been recognising talented actors around the world who are making a positive impact on […]

  • 28 January 2020
  • Singapore SME|SME financing

The Future of Trade Credit Insurance: Interview with a Patron Member, Coface

As published on Coface:  FOCUS #69 – In our interview with a Patron Member, Bhupesh Gupta, CEO Asia Pacific of Coface shares about the business of trade credit insurance, the company’s strategy in Asia, and the importance of Singapore to the organization. Read more →

  • 19 December 2019
  • fintech|fintechsg|Singapore SME|SME financing

Year in Review 2019: Top fintech companies in Singapore

As published on Yahoo Finance Singapore:  SINGAPORE — Singapore’s fintech firms are attracting tie-ups with big names and big money. In the first nine months of 2019, fintech investments in Singapore soared 69 per cent to US$735 million, according to research by Accenture. We look at some of the fintech companies that made waves in […]

  • 7 November 2019
  • p2b investing|P2P Lending|SME financing

P2P lending platform Validus expands into Vietnam

As published on The Business Times:  VALIDUS Capital, a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), has expanded into Vietnam as its third South-east Asian market, it announced on Wednesday. Read more →

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Download our exclusive SME Financing Economic Impact Study

We’re proud to share the findings of an independent study by Steward Redqueen, on the economic impact of Validus’ business financing activity in Singapore. By empowering SMEs through accessible financing, there was a considerable impact in GDP creation, and job growth across these SMEs in Singapore.

Through this report, we hope to highlight the financing challenges SMEs currently face, drive greater awareness on alternative credit sources available to help fuel SME growth and foster ecosystem collaboration.