• 30 December 2020
  • Covid-19|small businesses|SME financing

Empowering SMEs across four countries



The fight against #Covid19 is a united effort and as #OneValidus team, we’ve joined forces across borders to play our part.

In getting behind our SMEs, Batumbu has empowered a local garment business to pivot successfully and produce much needed PPEs and protective gear during this period for medical personnel in Indonesia. This is also in line with Batumbu’s mission, namely empowering MSMEs through education, socialization, and collaboration. On that basis, Batumbu supports the movement carried out by the Kill Covid 19 community, chaired by Mr. Adharta Ongkosaputra, to break the chain of Covid-19. Through the Kill Covid 19 community, Batumbu distributed 200 PPE packages for medical personnel to PMI and Jelambar Health Center, West Jakarta and has also helped the UMKM Wira under their guidance to distribute PPE products to several BUKU 4 banks to be distributed again to medical personnel throughout Indonesia.

Masks produced are also distributed to needy communities across the Southeast Asian countries we serve. A total of 5 different charities spanning from children to the elderly have since benefitted. This donation is our way of playing our part to accelerate the growth of Validus’ assisted SMEs in breaking the chain of the spread of Covid-19 as well as accelerating the recovery of the Asean economy.

A huge thank you to our people, investors and partners for being part of our journey to empower SMEs!

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