The no-fee business account in Singapore
that gives unlimited
1% cashback.

Save more than $39,000 annually for your startup or small business with the Validus Business Account that’s better than your bank.

Control spend easily and save more with true, unlimited 1% cashback on all card spend, and unlimited free local transfers.

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Better savings and control than your business bank


No Minimum Balance

Keep your reserves for rainy days. With Validus, you have the freedom to manage your business finances without worrying about maintaining a minimum balance.

Unlike traditional banks in Singapore that often impose minimum balance requirements, Validus Business Account allows you to allocate your funds according to your unique business needs. Whether you’re a startup or an established SME, you can enjoy the flexibility of keeping your reserves as you see fit. This means that you can allocate your funds towards investments, expansion plans, or any other business priorities without being tied down by minimum balance restrictions. With Validus, you have full control over your business finances, giving you the financial freedom to grow and thrive.

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Zero Account Fees

Eliminate all fees on your SME business account. Say goodbye to monthly account maintenance fees, transaction fees for FAST transfers, and fall-below fees.

At Validus, we are committed to empowering businesses to thrive by eliminating unnecessary charges and providing a seamless digital financial services experience. Additionally, when you use FAST transfers, you not only enjoy the convenience of quick transactions but also earn rewards. Experience the freedom of zero account fees and enjoy the perks of hassle-free SME digital financial services with a Validus SME Business Account.

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Security & Role-based Control

Set-up, manage, approve and make payments securely with role-based control. Your deposits are safeguarded in a segregated trust account with DBS Bank, ensuring the utmost protection for your funds.

With Validus, you can confidently manage your business finances with peace of mind, knowing that your transactions are secure and your deposits are held in a trusted institution. By entrusting your funds in a business account with Validus, you can focus on driving your business forward, knowing that your financial activities are protected, and your funds are in safe hands.

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Validus Business Account for all SMEs and Startups

The Validus Business Account is designed to cater to the needs of modern and growing SMEs and startups. With no account fees, no minimum balance requirements, and no transaction fees for FAST transfers, our local Business Account for SME financial services offers a hassle-free digital financial services experience. Moreover, our all-in-one business finance platform provides you with the tools and solutions to effectively manage your business finances.

Enjoy the freedom to grow and effortlessly handle your financial needs anytime and anywhere with the Validus Business Account.

Monitor and optimise budgets in real time

With Validus, you have the tools to monitor and optimise your budgets, maintain financial control, and drive greater savings for your business. With our intuitive platform, you can monitor your spending, track trends, and identify areas for cost savings. Get the insights you need to save more, with an integrated view of your business expenses in one place.

Maintain control on business expenses by setting team budgets, limits and spend restrictions. This enables you to proactively manage and monitor expenditures, ensuring that your resources are allocated effectively. Stay on top of your finances and make data-driven decisions with Validus as your trusted financial partner.

Bulk transfers

The bulk transfer feature offered by Validus allows you to effortlessly create and multiple payments to a number of recipients simultaneously with just one click – upload a CSV file and you’re done.

This convenient functionality is particularly useful when you need frequent or repetitive payments to a large number of recipients, allowing you to save valuable time and streamline your payment processes. Experience the efficiency and convenience of bulk transfers with the Validus Business Account, simplifying your payment management and empowering you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Manage finances together

With our user management feature, Admin users can grant selected people in the company role-based access to the Business Account for better visibility of finances, and to create payment flows for Admin approval. By managing finances together, you can streamline processes, improve accountability, and ensure smooth financial operations within your organisation.


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How to Open a New Validus Business Account Online


Get ready

Before you open a business account, check that you have the following on hand:

  • Your company’s UEN
  • The contact details (email and mobile number) of your controlling shareholders and key representatives 
  • Singpass / CorpPass login details


Complete your application online anytime

Missing some information? You can always save your progress so that you can easily pick up from where you left off at a later time. 

At each milestone of the account registration journey, we’ll update you so you know the status. 


Look out for our good news

We’ll notify you upon the successful opening of a Validus Business Account. If you have everything required, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Why Choose Validus?

With our deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by SMEs and startups, we provide tailored solutions designed to fuel your growth and drive success. We also ensure the security of your funds, which are safeguarded in a segregated trust account with DBS Bank.

With Validus, beyond our Business Account, you gain access to a wide range of financial services, including working capital loans and corporate expense management services, allowing you to optimise your business operations. Trust in our expertise, innovation, and commitment to your success. Choose Validus and unlock the potential of your business today.

Frequently Asked Questions About the
Validus Business Account in Singapore

A business account serves as a dedicated account for managing financial transactions and expenses related to a business. It provides a separate entity to track income, manage expenses, and streamline financial operations. The Validus Business Account is a virtual account specifically designed for SMEs and startups, offering a range of benefits. With this account, businesses can enjoy free local money transfers, issue unlimited Corporate Cards at no charges, and leverage an expense management solution that simplifies expense tracking and management. It provides businesses the resources they need to effectively manage their finances and drive growth. Whether it’s for receiving payments, making transactions, or optimising expense management, the Validus Business Account offers the convenience and features that businesses require.

When choosing the best business account for small businesses in Singapore, factors like accessibility, benefits, features, transaction rules, charges, and the account opening process are important. The Validus Business Account checks all the boxes, offering convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. With its no-fee structure, unlimited 1% cashback, free local transfers, and user-friendly interface, Validus provides a compelling choice for SMEs and startups. It ensures control, visibility, and growth opportunities for businesses — open a Business Account online today!

Validus is not a bank. Validus is a SME growth financing platform fintech, and is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore with a full Capital Markets Services license. As a digital-first financial institution, Validus leverages technology and AI to offer convenient and user-friendly financial services for businesses. Validus offers innovative financial solutions tailored to the needs of businesses, including fast working capital loans in one day with as little as two documents. We provide a range of services, including cashback cards designed specifically for businesses, efficient expense management tools, and secure money transfer capabilities. With Validus, you can enjoy the benefits of modern digital financial services, empowering your business with efficient financial management solutions in the digital era.

To open a Validus Business Account, any business incorporated in Singapore and complying with Validus’ Acceptable Use Policy are eligible. With your company’s UEN number, contact details of your controlling shareholders and key representatives, and Singpass or CorpPass login details, you will be able to easily open a Validus Business Account online. By using Singpass or CorpPass to access your corporate entity’s data via Myinfo business service, you can save effort on filling out forms and reduce the amount of supporting documentation that you will need to manually provide for verifications.

Opening a Validus Business Account is a quick and streamlined process. Upon successful completion of the application, you will receive notification of your account’s approval. The entire process typically takes no more than 5 minutes, allowing you to start managing your business finances swiftly and efficiently.

At Validus, we understand the importance of minimising costs for businesses. That’s why we offer digital business finance solutions with a fee-free approach. With our accounts, you can say goodbye to monthly account maintenance fees, transaction fees for FAST transfers, and fall-below fees.

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