The Business Account That's Better Than Your Bank

Whether you’re a small business owner, start up founder or finance manager, managing business finances with a Validus Business Account is easier and more affordable than using a bank.

Save time and money for your business and employees with free money transfers and an unlimited number of free Corporate Cards. 

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Benefits of Validus Business Account


No Minimum Balance

Keep your reserves for rainy days. There is no minimum balance required to maintain your business account with Validus.


Zero Fees

Eliminate all fees on your business account. Get rewarded for FAST transfers. 



Make payments safely and securely with peace of mind. Your deposits are safeguarded in a segregated trust account with DBS Bank.

Integrated View of All Your Business Finances

Manage your business finances at a glance. You can view all your accounts, loans, payments and card expenses in one place.

Bulk Transfers

Save time when you make payment to multiple recipients with just one click – upload a CSV file and you’re done. 

Dedicated Support

Get your questions answered in minutes by our customer support team.


Enjoy exclusive early access and promotional rebates

Start managing your business finances efficiently. Join our waitlist to get early access and special offers.

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