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Validus Capital Pte. Ltd. is committed to helping eligible SMEs to obtain financing at competitive rates!


Accelerate your cash flows by offering invoices for financing. Tenure for the funding - 30/60/90

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validus capital becomes the first and only platform in singapore to provide insurance for investors

EQ Insurance will provide a blanket cover across approved invoice financing facilities for Validus selected investors. This will ensure that investors providing crowd-funding finance support to these SMEs will be legally covered and have peace of mind. Validus will be setting in place a rigorous diligence and risk assessment process, conducted on the Singaporean facility applicants. This will provide visibility and greater investor protection in order to ensure that the investors are funding a pool of quality and growth-oriented SMEs. We are also pleased to announce that the above-mentioned article was covered by The Straits Times on Thursday 21 July 2016.

Credit Research Initiative - validus
Validus and the Credit Research Initiative (CRI) team of NUS-RMI have signed an agreement where the CRI team will provide a sensible and reasonably sophisticated solution in capturing the Probability Default (PD) of SME firms in terms of Micro, Small and Medium firm sizes and industry groups corresponding to a particular forward time horizon.

why Validus ?


Validus is an online aggregator platform for SMEs to secure short term and medium term financing. Validus offers access to financing from ACCREDITED individual and institutional Lenders. As a Peer‐to‐Business lending marketplace, Validus is using technology to minimise the cost of financial intermediation, and passing the benefits to both investors, and SMEs.

We have built Validus using established, sophisticated and swift platforms, to create a better financial experience. Better because it’s branchless. Better because it’s a transparent, two‐sided marketplace. And better because it’s not focused on institutions, but on people.

Featured in Press


Singapore: Vertex Ventures invests $3m in Validus Capital’s Series A round

Vertex Ventures has invested $3 million (S$4.1 million) in Validus Capital, an online fintech marketplace for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)...


New payment solution developed in partnership between Visa and fintech Validus helps SMEs resolve capital crunch

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be able to receive payments faster...


Fintech Marketplace Firm Validus Helps SMEs Scale Using Visa’s Virtual Card in Singapore

Global payments technology company Visa has partnered with Validus, a Fintech platform based in Singapore to provide SMEs...


Singaporean startup Validus links investors to SMEs

Validus is a SME fund box that links Singaporean and Global investors to Singaporean SMEs...

Validus key Benefits


  • Approval in 2 days after documents submitted
  • Low Interest Rates that get lower with your repayment record
  • SMEs with Validus like to stay with Validus – 99% return rate
  • Financing upto SGD 1,000,000
  • SMEs on board Validus clocking 20% revenue growth
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  • Minimum commitment of SGD 50,000
  • Options to choose your investment product
  • No investor onboarding fees
  • Minimising risk through fractionalization
  • Average Investor portfolio of SGD 250,000
  • Last 12 months net IRR on platform > 10%
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    SME Testimonial #1

    "I have been in the construction supplies business for more than 20 years and one of my biggest challenges of growing my business is to maintain a steady cash flow. In the past, we tried to apply for facilities from traditional institutions but were always faced with obstacles. After getting introduced to Validus and working with them, I realised that I can customize my requirements and SME only what I need. The entire process was done professionally and importantly, funds were disbursed promptly. This helps me to maintain a good relationship with my vendors and uphold a good reputation when I handle some of the government projects. I am happy to work with Validus, as they believe in bringing down the cost of fundings for SMEs and my company definitely benefited from it. I would like to thank you for your great support."

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    SME Testimonial #2

    "Thank you for your prompt response to us. In our business we must have access to ready funds to fulfil our jobs on a regular schedule. We rely on dependable service from funders like Validus to help us keep our schedule and satisfy our customers. We want you to know that we appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing our business relationship."

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    SME Testimonial #3

    "We are doing many projects in Singapore, and growing. We need funding to expand into new projects. Validus helps us to improve our project cash flows and deliver the projects on time, so I thank them for the support and we would like to work with them in the future as well."

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    SME Testimonial #4

    "I’m writing on behalf of Bridges Water Pte Ltd to appreciate Validus Capital Pte. Ltd. for granting me a working capital facility with a much lower and affordable interest rate to repay my earlier facility which was taken at 10% per month. This will help me in growing and being financially healthy in my business. I will maintain a good repayment plan on time so that I can get another facility next time at cheaper rates from Validus."

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    SME Testimonial #5

    "Thank you Validus, for making my funding process fast and efficient."

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